Odd experience, but good food
My husband and I came here for a nice meal on our last night in Flagstaff. Josephine's had glowing reviews, so we were very excited to dine here. We were warmly greeted, then sat at a table with a cold air vent blasting out. We asked to switch tables, and were accommodated without hesitation. After that, there was a mixup in our wi ... read more
Piggottk via - Apr 26, 2017
The food was delicious, as always ...
The food was delicious, as always at Josephine's.  Two things keep this review from being a 5. The first is that I had specifically asked to be seated in a quiet section of the restaurant because this was an interview dinner.  They seated us in a very busy section next to two VERY LOUD men and a party of 8, right next to a door into ... read more
Carol O. via - Apr 19, 2017
We had a birthday party. Ambience ...
We had a birthday party. Ambience was great as so the food and wine. Very friendly staff. Highly recommended.
Bernardo B. via - Apr 12, 2017
My kind of place
Quaint, friendly staff, great presentation and fresh food!!! Wish this place were close to home; it would be my regular, definitely for breakfast. We had their special: Freshly Baked Biscuit Topped with House Smoked Pork Loin, Two Poached Eggs and Real Hollandaise. It was as tasty as it sounds. The coffee could have been a little mor ... read more
SpeakUpOhio via - Apr 6, 2017
Brunch is absolutely F A B U L O U S !
Jasmine Jewell via - Apr 6, 2017
Fantastic meal enjoyed by both ...
Fantastic meal enjoyed by both my wife and I: she said that the Lamb Chops were some of the best she's ever had! Pork Osso Bucco for me: totally tender, very rich sauce. (I had to keep stealing tastes of her Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes!) Awesome service.
Ian B. via - Apr 3, 2017
AWESOME historical established eatery. Very inviting. Great service. Delicious menu. The Poo-boy crab sandwich was delightful. Definitely coming back!
theresa Gachupin via - Apr 2, 2017
Surprise and Delight
So impressed by this restaurant! Incredible (and affordable) food, friendly waitstaff, and a cozy environment. We sat right beside the fireplace and had the three course prix-fixe menu with wine pairing. Very romantic and civilized after a day spent hiking in the Grand Canton!
Erica S via - Mar 29, 2017
Super great service from Zach, ...
Super great service from Zach, good vibrance, delicious food & very comfortable place! We only got the bloody marry, green tea, and calamari since we only wanted something small to eat. It was great and I loved it!
Christine L. via - Mar 26, 2017
Excellent service. Classy and cozy.
Trish Spence via - Mar 26, 2017
I love this place. Everytime it's a memorable experience. This trip I needed special diet accommodations (low carb) and I was delightfully surprised when they put zoodles on my plate!!!! Love love love this place. It's always a stop when I'm in Flagstaff :) ... read more
brooke camacho via - Mar 23, 2017
Wonderful food - Historic House
Our Family has a soft spot for Josephine’s Modern American Bistro (JMAB). We held an after-wedding dinner there some years ago. The staff accommodated to our need to get into the rooms to decorate the night before the dinner. The special menu they created for our wedding guests was wonderful. JMAB is located on HWY 180 in Flagstaff ... read more
Les H via - Mar 19, 2017
A tremendous neighborhood restaurant ...
A tremendous neighborhood restaurant with high quality food & preparation. We ate light with me having a Caesar salad and calamari. Both were memorable. My wife had the champagne vinaigrette salad and the mussels. Also totally worth the visit. The deserts are exquisite and of a size that allows you to finish or share. We are big fans ... read more
Bruce A. via - Mar 17, 2017
Relaxed comfort
Just north of Downtown, cozy & non pretentious. Had a reservation and was promptly seated. Waiter friendly & humorous without being over the top. Started with the baklava Baked Brie, interesting and tasty twist of Brie with typical outer Baklava phyllo covering with honey & pistachios. Caesar salad fine not extraordinary but nice to ... read more
RLION51 via - Mar 15, 2017
Lovely Dinner passing through
We were on the way to the Grand Canyon and went to Josephine's for dinner with some friends. The food is awesome and they update the cocktail menu fairly often. I had Macaroni and cheese with very large shrimp in it. Others had the special of Salmon stuffed crab and also the crab cakes. All of it is excellent.
Sheryle R via - Mar 13, 2017
Interesting menu, well-prepared food - a solid choice for a good meal.
My wife and I were hoping for a good meal after returning from several days exploring the areas of Arizona where fry bread and spam were considered staples. We arrived at Josephine's after a long drive back from Gallup, NM - tired and hungry. The menu is interesting: lamb meatloaf, pork osso bucco, crab cakes, calamari, and more. ... read more
kledeen via - Mar 11, 2017
Flagstaff's finest dining experience! The best EVER!!! ���
Flagstaff's finest dining experience! The best EVER!!! ��� ... read more
Brian Harris via - Mar 9, 2017
Dinner with my family last night ...
Dinner with my family last night. (This was actually our second time there in as many weeks!) I was craving the Cioppino! Now that Cottage Place is closed, I think that Josephine's is definitely the best choice for Flagstaff style fine-dining. We enjoyed a reasonably priced bottle of wine, the baklava brie appetizer, Cioppino and Chi ... read more
Sheri S. via - Mar 5, 2017
I took my mother here for a dinner ...
I took my mother here for a dinner on vacation, and we loved this restaurant.  Our servers, Bart and Anthony, were exceptional.    We were so surprised at the variety of fresh veggies included in every dish.  Will definitely return the next time we are in town.
Melissa H. via - Mar 2, 2017
We love the brunch menu, can't wait for weekday lunches to come back!
Angela Bobay via - Feb 28, 2017
Food is good (not amazing), but ...
Food is good (not amazing), but the experience is fabulous. My kids loved it. We definitely made a memory. :) ... read more
Linzi S. via - Feb 17, 2017
Tasting menu was fabulous.
Matt Casbarro via - Feb 17, 2017
So glad this was our choice for ...
So glad this was our choice for dinner tonight!  In town for a family event and just picked this restaurant from the list provided by the Marriott Courtyard front desk.WINNER!  Starting with the appeal of a cozy, warm residential location and building, we were warmly greeted by several staff as soon as we entered.  And we convinced w ... read more
Shannon G. via - Feb 16, 2017
Dinner Out
What a great little gem...cute little house with great food and service! Couldn't ask for more...will visit again next time I'm in Flagstaff.
dandbe via - Feb 13, 2017
This restaurant is amazing, and atmosphere even better. You feel like you are at home, and the family takes care of you. This one of the best restaurants in my opinion keep up the outstanding work Marlene.
szngh6 via - Feb 12, 2017
My wife's birthday celebrations ...
My wife's birthday celebrations are often the result of reflection, research and study.One of my upcoming reviews will shed some light as to why I am so particular with regard to this most important day in our family's life. Needless to say, over the years, I haven't missed when it came to presenting her with a birthday celebration t ... read more
Stephen A. via - Feb 10, 2017
My wife and I ate at Josephine's ...
My wife and I ate at Josephine's during a one night stay in Flagstaff on our way home to Grand Junction, CO. The food, the service and the atmosphere was all outstanding. I had the lamb meatloaf with mint  chimmichuri, served with lots of fresh veggies..really good flavors. My wife had the salmon with an apple cranberry sauce that wa ... read more
Leonard L. via - Feb 7, 2017
My future wife and I came in to ...
My future wife and I came in to the bistro this evening and not only had some simply spectacular food, but an even greater dinner service. Our waitress, a Ms. Kailey, helped us with every question we had to throw at her as well as making the fantastic suggestion of both cocktails and wine, but she also suggested their Diablo Shrimp M ... read more
Austin J. via - Feb 6, 2017
Quant little find
Not inexpensive, but quality cost more. We enjoyed our meal here and wen back for a second time during our week in Flagstaff. Good wait staff, not pushy and very accomodating. People from Phoenix drive up, over two hours, just to eat here. That should be all you need to know.
George A via - Feb 5, 2017
The Big Wave burger was FANTASTIC! The service was excellent and staff very friendly!
Bill Bailey via - Feb 4, 2017
This places was a little hard to ...
This places was a little hard to find at night because it's between a school and residential neighborhood. The place itself looked like a house lol, thus being a little difficult to find.My server was really attentive!FOODI ordered one of their 3 course specials. I had a salad to start and it was delicious! Had avocados, grapefruit, ... read more
Ryan H. via - Jan 31, 2017
A must-stop in Flagstaff
I come to Flagstaff somewhat regularly as I lived there in the early 2000's and I always come here. Being from the Bay Area, we are a bit snotty about food and we are always blown away by this place - the food quality is just phenomenal. Most recently, we had the cioppino seafood stew and the pork osso buco and it was just incredible ... read more
Jillanimal via - Jan 24, 2017
Very good restaurant for finer ...
Very good restaurant for finer dining in Flagstaff Arizona. Nice cozy atmosphere with seating that does not get "lost in the largeness" The owners have done a nice job by breaking up the place into three smaller dining areas. it makes it very homey. The meals were prepared extremely well the spices went from mildly spicy to very savo ... read more
J K. via - Jan 23, 2017
This place is amazing from top ...
This place is amazing from top to bottom. I have literally never had salmon this good- perfectly crusted and so melty on the inside. Crab cakes and melted Brie were ridiculous. Best of all was our outstanding service. Our server/manager anticipated our needs before we even asked, had great conversation, and made the dining experience ... read more
Courtney C. via - Jan 9, 2017
Was excited to eat here, a little disappointing.
As locals we love to eat local, However this is one place I may not return to. I have heard nothing but great things from this place and i wish that was the experience we received. The food was very nice, a little pricey, but good. It was the waiter that really ruined this for us. He was rude, maybe he thought we were not good enough ... read more
renee2494 via - Jan 4, 2017
This place is amazing! excellent ...
This place is amazing! excellent food and customer service!! I really recommend this Restaurant!!
Maria R. via - Jan 2, 2017
This restaurant had exceptional ...
This restaurant had exceptional food and was able to recover from a rocky start because of the tasty entrees. We showed up and waited at the door to be greeted for five minutes. We were greeted and then forgotten about. While five parties were sat that came after us, we weren't even asked for our name to wait for a table. I couldn't ... read more
Bianca C. via - Jan 1, 2017
Definitely need to change their ...
Definitely need to change their entrance layout.... You enter to a waiting area that is also a "Food Pick-up" for the servers. You have nowhere to stand while waiting for your table that isnt in the way of servers trying to do their job. I felt bad but I had nowhere else to stand being it is Winter and I do not want to wait outside. ... read more
Ashley T. via - Jan 1, 2017
Nice Brunch Menu!
Very nice brunch! Good selection of breakfast and lunch items. Very good service! Coffee was really good. Pancakes were delicious. I will definitely try Josephine's again!
Christine C via - Jan 1, 2017
Second Time Around
I think more than anything it's the intimacy that draws me here, the food is good but I love the atmosphere of the tiny side room that we request each time when we come early enough to be the first to choose a table for two. We ordered the Margaritas this time and they were so good that a second round was ordered with pleasure. The c ... read more
2Travelers43 via - Dec 31, 2016
Dreamy, nostalgic, cozy, modern, warm, formal, undeniably delicious food, wow wow wow.
Brendan Butler via - Dec 30, 2016
There's a foodie thing going on in Flagstaff, and while this isn't the best restaurant in town, the food is very good.
John Heckendorn via - Dec 30, 2016
We are from LA, so are spoiled ...
We are from LA, so are spoiled with good restaurants.  We found this gem, while visiting our son who now lives in Flagstaff.  Seriously, it's one of the best restaurants we've ever been to - the ambiance, the food, the service...We make a reservation every time we come to town, now.
Tiffany M. via - Dec 29, 2016
Great service and great atmosphere! ...
Great service and great atmosphere! Not to mention the food was homey and inexpensive considering its quality. Had the southwestern soup  (excellent!) And baklava style brie. Unique an tasty, highly recommend for carnivores and vegetarians alike.
Hillary B. via - Dec 28, 2016
Had dinner in the casual and comfortable ...
Had dinner in the casual and comfortable environment. The restaurant features two lit fireplaces in the winter perfect for romantic dinners and a beautifully landscaped patio. Enjoy the wonderful Flagstaff mountain climate. The building in which Josephine's is housed has been placed on the National Historic Register for its outstandi ... read more
Tony T. via - Dec 28, 2016
Stumbled on this quaint historic ...
Stumbled on this quaint historic restaurant. Amazing service and food. Great playlist and try to get a seat by the fireplace. Delicious champagne vinaigrette salad, flagstaff burger, avocado chicken sandwich, brie appetizer, peach dessert and pecan pie.  Good for vegetarians.
C F. via - Dec 28, 2016
Great food and atmosphere
It was a cold and snowy night when we were diverted late Christmas Day on a 175 mile detour from the DesertView entrance to the Grand Canyon. Our lodge was 15 miles away but the road was closed. We decided to stay the night in Flagstaff which was about half way to the main Canyon entrance and hope for someplace with good food that ma ... read more
SaraRNic via - Dec 28, 2016
Cozy atmosphere and food was excellent!!
Jessica Kyle via - Dec 24, 2016
We had dinner here for the first ...
We had dinner here for the first time at the bar. Michael (sp?) Our bartender us awesome ! Very professional, polite, and knowledgeable. Can't wait to come  back!
Angela E. via - Dec 15, 2016
What a meal....refreshing champagne ...
What a meal....refreshing champagne vinaigrette salad, Scottish salmon charred to perfection and the light squash julienne just melted in my mouth..... perfect service and a cozy, inviting atmosphere!   Couldn't have been better!  Having lived in the Pacific NW for 15 years where salmon dishes abound, this was truly memorable!!  Cann ... read more
Dee S. via - Dec 13, 2016
They sat us by the fire, and it was a lovely meal. Would recommend! ... read more
Britta Newton via - Dec 7, 2016
Went for brunch, two words "Filet" "Benedict"... awsome also bloody mary was good. No kids menu tho
Went for brunch, two words "Filet" "Benedict"... awsome also bloody mary was good. No kids menu though� ... read more
JW Perman via - Dec 5, 2016
Thanksgiving dinner rocked!
I was up in Flagstaff visiting my daughter at NAU for Thanksgiving. We made reservations at Josephine's based on a recommendation. Wow was this a good pick. This review is based on the Holiday buffet meal, I will be back to try out regular menu soon. Place was packed! Had to do some squeezing to get by everyone but everyone seemed to ... read more
Dan N via - Dec 1, 2016
Love Josephine's!
Six of us celebrated a birthday recently here and the food was as wonderful as we remembered. Service is exceptional too, very accommodating (one of our party was a baby). The filet was one of the best I've ever had and the cioppino was delicious. We sat in the bar area which was cozy with fireplace going. The downstairs rooms and pa ... read more
smthibs via - Nov 28, 2016
We made a reservation for Thanksgiving ...
We made a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner weeks in advance. This was actually a good idea because we saw some people without a reservation being turned away. We got to the restaurant 10 minutes early and were told that they still had to clear our table. We were shown to our table at 10 minutes past our reserved time. The hostess ... read more
Wendy S. via - Nov 27, 2016
Thankful for a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner
We made a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner weeks in advance. This was actually a good idea because we saw some people without a reservation being turned away. We got to the restaurant 10 minutes early and were told that they still had to clear our table. We were shown to our table at 10 minutes past our reserved time. The hostess ... read more
Achie via - Nov 27, 2016
Great food.  Great service.  Steak ...
Great food.  Great service.  Steak was excellent as was the bread and really everything.  Again - service to match:) ... read more
Phil R. via - Nov 26, 2016
Great setting and food
We were in Flagstaff visiting our kids over the Thanksgiving break and wanted a nice family dinner. Josephine's provides a warm and friendly environment- in part due to the older home now restaurant. The menu had selections that met everyone's needs and the food was very good. Portion sizes left both my boys satisfied- which can be a ... read more
TimC014 via - Nov 26, 2016
Josephines for thanksgiving ..Excellent ...
Josephines for thanksgiving ..Excellent , wine list very nice , Svc excellent and Marlene superb ! Thx ... read more
Steve M. via - Nov 24, 2016
The restaurant was very cozy. The ...
The restaurant was very cozy. The service was excellent. Our server was super friendly! I had the salmon sandwich with a side salad and it was delicious! You have to save room for dessert, get the zeppole,( Italian donut)!!
Susann B. via - Nov 24, 2016
Fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner!
So thankful for the generosity for a last minute dinner reservation. We were out hiking all day in the canyons and wanted to enjoy a nice dinner. Josephine's exceeded our expectations, the Thanksgiving dinner spread was rich and flavorful, the homemade desserts were delicious and unique, and the staff was attentive and friendly.
Julie M via - Nov 24, 2016
Fantastic service and one of the best meals I've ever eaten. Thanksgiving 2016.
Richard Jackett via - Nov 24, 2016
Quaint, charming, unique and delicious menu items, great service. ... read more
Sandy K via - Nov 24, 2016
Great atmosphere
Great ambiance, food and service. Nice p,ace for Sunday brunch and a bloody marry. Highly recommend to any visitor or locals.
Donna R via - Nov 23, 2016
Simply FABULOUS!! Order the Scottish Salmon BLT if your palate to be very happy!
We had lunch here and it was simply one of the very best restaurant meals I have ever had. (And I'm what one would call a picky eater.) The Scottish Salmon BLT and butternut squash soup were to die for. I would back back everyday if I could! Excellent service, very charming ambience.
TClaire1123 via - Nov 21, 2016
I love the restored historical building. Ambience amazing. Superb food.
Steve Johnson via - Nov 20, 2016
Nice food in historic house
Good but not great. Nothing bad but nothing memorable service was good, cocktails ok and nothing that you would regret ordering. Wide variety that will satisfy everyone. Large gluten free choices. I recommend it but willow be memorablemealut few are.
Mike P via - Nov 5, 2016
I've been here a few times and it has always been fantastic. The place is a bit small, but it lends to its historic charm and ambiance, especially during the evening. Due to the restaurant's size, try and make a reservation if you plan on having dinner here on a weekend. The food is delicious an the service is awesome. I recommen ... read more
Nick Thompson via - Oct 31, 2016
We went to Josephine's for breakfast ...
We went to Josephine's for breakfast while visiting Flagstaff for NAU homecoming. Holy smokes! What a great find.  My mom, dad, friend and I LOVED our meals. We started with the homemade donut and jam. All of us said that we wanted to steal that little pot of jam. It was so delicious. My dad ordered a bloody Mary, and they crafted it ... read more
Rene B. via - Oct 29, 2016
Good quality and good service
Some really imaginative and well prepared items on the menu of this lovely bistro. The table shared a terrific three-chili hummus with nacho chips as an appetizer. I then had the Korean style beef taco, nicely flavored with Sriracha. Good sized portions, some lovely local craft beer, reasonable prices.
Henry F via - Oct 28, 2016
The food was delicious and came ...
The food was delicious and came out very fast. They were able to accommodate my group of seven with a reservation made the day of. There was a French guitar player and singer there that made our meal very enjoyable. The service was very polite and made sure we had everything we needed. The restaurant itself is gorgeous and looks beau ... read more
Tisa K. via - Oct 25, 2016
Still great ... read more
dustin donahue via - Oct 24, 2016
Of the five senses, three are fully ...
Of the five senses, three are fully captured with wonderful delight. The remaining two do not disappoint. I will frequent here with gleeful anticipation. A thoughtful menu, tasteful bites, and captivating music when weather permits. Enjoy!
Eric D. via - Oct 23, 2016
We have been searching for our ...
We have been searching for our favorite Flagstaff brunch locale and I'm pleased to say we've found it in Josephine's.  The food, ambience, and the mimosas are fabulous.  The live music and outside dining was a bonus.  We'll be back.
Ethel B. via - Oct 23, 2016
I wasn't exactly impressed with the quality, nor the attention to detail for the price. Honestly, I expected a better dining experience and my hope is it was just an off night.
Trenchless Marketing, Inc. via - Oct 23, 2016
A successful date
We had the special that night, orange roughy in a pepper sauce with asparagus cooked perfect and the risotto. Risotto in a restaurant never seems to stand up to mine I make at home....except this one. Wonderful. So much of the menu is made in house right down to the jam. Some reviews seem to knock the service but Bart, our server was ... read more
size666 via - Oct 19, 2016
A+ bacon! Zeppolis not to be missed ...
A+ bacon! Zeppolis not to be missed. Excellent coffee. Generous and pleasant service. Definitely coming here again next time I pass through Flagstaff!
Jessica F. via - Oct 16, 2016
I'll give this place 6 stars if ...
I'll give this place 6 stars if I could. Everything was amazing, starting from the design and the ambience of the place to service and food.The place is on the road but if you are not looking for it you can easily pass it. Im pretty sure it would make a romantic place to have anniversary events.The service was really good. We sat on ... read more
Anashen N. via - Oct 15, 2016
Quick, semi-formal atmosphere ... read more
Mark DeFoxo via - Oct 10, 2016
This food was amazing. This is a place that if you want a romantic meal that is actually worth the money..GO! You will not be disappointed, the wait staff is top notch too!
Dan Oldejans via - Oct 9, 2016
Beautiful atmosphere, great service, delicious food, and large wine selection ... read more
Sophie Döring via - Oct 5, 2016
Excellent! Wonderful ambience, ...
Excellent! Wonderful ambience, top notch service, and amazing food! It's a great choice for a special occasion, date night, or just a nice dinner with a friend.
B R. via - Sep 29, 2016
Nice food & ambience but don't be in a hurry
Enjoyed lunch out on the patio at this quaint restaurant. It was a weekend so they have a special brunch menu. The waiter was able to provide a nice description of the items and even offered to get the chef to prepare a couple of items that weren't listed if we were interested. My husband and his friend enjoyed the Flagstaff burger - ... read more
janvipd via - Sep 26, 2016
Wonderful service, delicious home ...
Wonderful service, delicious home style cooking with an eccentric flare. The place is a historic house with many of the original flooring and windows. Salads are amazing. Highly recommend.
Angela C. via - Sep 20, 2016
Truly enjoyed outstanding food ...
Truly enjoyed outstanding food in a unique setting of a home.  Would recommend this restaurant to anyone.  The wine list was exceptional.  We shared the fried green tomatoes as an appetizer - different but delicious.  My husband had the Diablo Shrimp Mac and Cheese and he found it excellent with a nice bit of spice. I had the fish sp ... read more
Nancy M. via - Sep 18, 2016
Fabulous flavorful French cuisine in Flagstaff!
My husband and I had a wonderful dinner with his family at Josephine's. The waiter was excellent and did not rush us through the meal and was attentive and helpful on highlighting menu choices. My filet mignon was excellent and the Gouda mashed potatoes were phenomenal. Both their cocktails and their wine selection are very good. Per ... read more
Debra H via - Sep 18, 2016
I love Josephine's and have been dining there for several years. The food is wonderful, satisfying
I love Josephine's and have been dining there for several years. The food is wonderful, satisfying on every level, and the staff is excellent. There are several restaurants that I would recommend to any out-of-state visitor, Josephine's is one.
Tom Linda via - Sep 14, 2016
One of many great meals at Josephine's.
My husband and I really enjoy dining at Josephine's. We have gone for many occasions; date night, dinner with friends, dinner with family, and of course, we love their Sunday brunch! This past weekend at brunch I had the PoBoy sandwich- large delicious crab cake on a bun and a side of the chicken poblano soup. Amazing. My two year ol ... read more
Kristen F via - Sep 12, 2016
Intimate and Delicious
Now the bucket list is becoming complete. After 4 years of raves from friends we have finally made it to this quaint little charming place. We were there at 5:00 when the doors opened and even though we had reservations the place was stark empty. Good for us since then we had our choice of seating. We chose to sit in the far left bac ... read more
2Travelers43 via - Sep 12, 2016
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